Viewing Your User Activity

Your user list is the first thing you see when the app launches. From there, you can jump to a profile page of each individual user — showing who they are and what they’ve been doing in your app.

Each profile page consists of two parts: user overview and user activity feed.

User overview

User overview area includes things like their name, email address, signup date, and any custom properties you have set up — the number of projects, etc. We’re also showing their photo if they have a Gravatar set up for their email address.

User activity

User activity is a timeline of events that have been recorded for the users. We show multiple types of events within a single timeline:

  • System events like creating an account
  • Any custom events that you’ve chosen to send into Userlist via our API (read more about that in our integration guide)
  • Any payments or plan updates, if you have integration with Stripe set up
  • Joining or exiting any segments (segments are updated automatically based on conditions you set for them)
  • Information about messages sent via Userlist: when they were sent, opened, and clicked

Our goal isn’t about getting as granular as tracking clicks or mouse movements: analytics tools like FullStory can do that much better. Instead, we want to paint a larger picture. We want to help you see what exactly led to a conversion, and how communication lines up with other user activities — without having to switch between multiple tools.

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