Getting Ready to Send: Email Settings and Sending Domains

Understanding your email settings

You’ll need a few simple things set up before you start sending email messages to your users. To do that, head over to Email Settings section in the app.

  • “From” Email Address is the email address you’ll be sending from. It’s also set as the default “reply-to” address.
  • “From” Name is the sender name for all your messages. We recommend things like Team or John at
  • Footer section will be added to all your emails and contains information about your business and an unsubscribe link.

Setting up your sending domain

By default, we deliver emails using a shared domain. However, we recommend to use your own custom sending domain to improve deliverability and ensure that all replies reach your inbox.

To add your own sending domain, head over to Sending Domains section in the app, and follow these steps:

  1. Add your domain name to the list (e.g.
  2. Add a DNS TXT record to your domain using the values you see in the table. When you're done, hit the "Verify" button.
  3. Once your domain shows as verified, we’ll start using addresses on your domain as sender.

What are you doing to ensure good deliverability?

We’re using SparkPost to deliver emails on behalf of our customers. It’s the same service companies like Twitter and Intercom use. All customer accounts are separated into different sub-accounts in SparkPost — should one of our customers misbehave and get blocked by SparkPost, this won’t affect deliverability of other customers.

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